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Access Week Toolkit
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One of the best things about Patient Access Week…the opportunity to celebrate the incredibly hard work that your staff does throughout the year. While you love to celebrate your staff, does just the thought of planning a whole week of activities give you hives or make you want to run for the hills? No worries, NAHAM is here to provide suggestions to you to make it a little easier and essentially be your wingman. Our tool kit and activity pages are here to make planning a snap and give you time to celebrate with your staff too.

Get the “team of teams”: Start working on your activities early by getting a Patient Access Week committee together. Staff relish the opportunity to participate in fun and planning this week is fun for them.

  • Send out an email in February or March seeking volunteers to be on the committee.

Sample Email: Seeking committee members

Patient Access week is approaching for this year and I am looking for committee members that would like to help with planning our celebration events for the week of (enter dates). If you are interested, please let me know by (enter date).

  • After committee members are selected (5-6 staff members is usually good), plan a 30 minute meeting with them.
  • During your meeting:
    • Select a captain or co-captains – this is the person(s) that will be planning the committee meetings and following up on the items the committee members agreed to work on. The captain(s) will also provide to you regular feedback about committee ideas. The committee captain(s) should be your informal leader(s). This will allow for empowerment of your committee members.
    • Provide the committee with guidelines for planning an activity every day along with the budget for the week. Remind them that thinking out of the box is encouraged and that the final decision will be yours.
    • Committee meetings can be done via email or virtual meetings to accommodate the different shift schedules.

Email: Emails are great, but take caution on continuing with the norm. Many people have become immune to this form of communication because they are so inundated with emails. Therefore, we encourage you to step out of the box and mix it up for Patient Access Week. If this is still your preferred mode:

  • Send out a “Kick-off” for the week on Monday.

    Sample Email: Kick off for Patient Access Week
  • Congratulations and Happy Patient Access Week to everyone! Today is the kick off for our week of celebration and we hope that you enjoy this week dedicated to you. On behalf of the leadership team, thank you for all your continued hard work and dedication to making positive experiences for our patients. Our fun filled week will include:
  • Send out an “End of celebration” on Friday.

Sample Email: Closing of Patient Access Week

As we close our celebration this week for Patient Access Week, we hope that you have enjoyed all of the wonderful activities that our committee members planned for our team. We had (list activities).

Please help me to thank our committee members for making this such a fantastic week of celebration!

(List committee members and as a special treat include a picture of the team members together posed or while they were planning during a committee meeting.)

Newsletter/flyer: How about putting out a special newsletter for the week of patient access or a flyer for each day of the week.

  • A newsletter can be done for a kick-off and/or a recap.  For the kick-off, include items for the whole week about what celebrations are going to be happening; everyone likes a timeline that they can look forward to. Your recap newsletter will be about all of the fun that took place during the week with pictures, award/activity winners, etc.
  • A flyer would be an informative one page, double-sided communication about what’s happening that day. This is the preferred route to go if you have a regular newsletter for your team. Place an activity (crossword, word search, etc.) on the back and include items on the front about what is planned for the day, a teaser about the next day, a comic or quote and a weather cast that ties back to the week (i.e. If it’s sunny and 75 outside; It’s a sunny celebration for our team at (name facility).

Week Theme: No need to brainstorm on developing a theme for the week; NAHAM has already done that for you. Tie in the NAHAM theme with your events and activities that you have planned for the week. You can also add in your patient commitments/ethics/behaviors of excellence, etc. This can be done by adding in the fun. Let’s say you require your staff to always say thank you, teach them how to say thank you in different languages.

Games/Puzzles: Please go to the NAHAM activities center to find puzzles/games for your team. You can also create your own by going to various websites that allow you to create word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. Go to your favorite internet search engine and type in create word search, etc. and there will be an options for free sites that allow you to “create your own”.

Awards: Did someone say OSCAR? Everyone loves to be celebrated by receiving a certificate or award for something that they have done. That’s why they have participation awards. While you can have who authorized the most accounts, the highest point of service collections, etc. also include items like who has the best smile, welcoming personality, best wingman/woman, behind the scenes, etc.

Hall of Fame: Include photos of staff members and post year to date achievements for the team.

Recognize Board: Have a board or post-it pad displayed in an area and encourage all of your associates to write positive comments about their team or members of their team. Start the ball rolling by writing at the top “I’m a part of a great team that…”, “We give great customer service by…” “My team member(s) are great at…”

Continuing education: Encourage staff to attain their CHAA and/or CHAM by posting items from the NAHAM website about the exams and include team members that have already achieved their certification.

Thank you notes: Send a thank you note to all of your associates or post a thank you to each associate at their desk. For More Games, Activities, and Celebration Ideas, click here.

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