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2020 Virtual Learning Lab Sessions

We are thrilled to offer exciting education around the industry you know best: Patient Access. Click the dates below to learn more about the sessions offered, speakers, and experience level. Don't forget: if you can't attend live, all sessions will be available for viewing on-demand. You must be a registered attendee to access the recorded sessions!


Wednesday, September 9

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10:00am - 11:00am ET


How Transparency Leads to Staff Engagement and Accountability

Presented by Kyle Crosswell, Manager, Revenue Operations/Registration, Health First, Holmes Regional Medical Center

Co-presenter: Michelle King, Manager, Revenue Operations/Registration, Health First, Cape Canaveral Hospital 


Do you dread that time of year when delivering performance evaluations? This session will review a tool that can be used to ensure transparency and promote staff engagement and accountability. The rolling scorecard allows for no surprises for the employee, leads to open honest conversation, facilitates the performance review process for leaders, identifies opportunities, and empowers staff. Knowledge is power and numbers do not lie…a rolling scorecard allows a performance evaluation to remain objective and fair. Sample rolling scorecards will be given to all attendees.
Audience Experience Level: Beginner



11:15am - 12:15pm ET

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Connecting Healthcare Data: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Presented by Scott Overholt, Chief Business Officer, Vyne  

Co-presenter: Tim Hoskins, Senior Director, Client Services, Vyne

Co-presenter: Derek Morgan, Senior Director, Business Development, Vyne


Every day, healthcare providers confront challenges associated with disconnected data and manual processes that slow down productivity. At Vyne Medical, we understand the importance of organizing and simplifying your data and want to help improve performance through the automation of what are typically manual tasks. In this session, we will share information about our signature Trace® platform that provides tools to capture virtually all types of communication information, indexing it to the patient record, and making it accessible across the enterprise for more efficient scheduling, authorization, coordination, and reimbursement of care.

©2020 Napa EA/MEDX, LLC. All rights reserved. Vyne logos, product and service names, including but not limited to, Trace mentioned herein are registered trademarks and are the property of the The White Stone Group, LLC and respective affiliated entities. 


12:45pm - 1:45pm ET


Effective Patient Access Begins With Up-Front Pricing Transparency, But Does Not End There

Presented by Brittney Stricklin, Executive Director of Consumer Access, AdventHealth


Price is often the dominant factor in patient decisions about when and where to seek care. Patient access professionals understand that transparent up-front estimates eliminate surprise billing and empower patients at a time when they are increasingly responsible for healthcare costs, leading to higher satisfaction ratings and optimized collections. This session will provide insights and real-world lessons to help attendees build a playbook for an effective automated, digital-first system that extends from pre- to post-service.

Audience Experience Level: Intermediate


2:00pm - 3:00pm ET


Combating Unconscious Bias

Presented by Kiowa Grove, Training & Development Senior Revenue Cycle Education, Spectrum Health Hospitals


Unconscious Bias affects us all. Is your unconscious bias holding you back from propelling your career? Are you having a hard time connecting with patients or teammates? Learn how to identify these biases and ways to combat them.


Wednesday, September 16 

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10:00 am - 11:00 am ET


Lessons from COVID-19

Presented by Elizabeth Reason, Lake Huron Medical Center


Join Elizabeth Reason as she shares her journey through COVID-19, lessons learned, and how to remain positive for the future.

Audience Experience Level: Beginner



11:15am - 12:15pm ET

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Virtual Engagement: The Path to Transformation in Healthcare

Presented by Kristine Anderson, Vice President, Solutions Management, PELITAS


Healthcare has been slow to embrace the virtual transformation available in other industries. Patients (consumers) do not have options to engage with providers virtually and are limited in the way they can shop, schedule, prepare, and pay for services. These limited options are often inconvenient, time consuming, and sometimes duplicative for patients (and staff) to have a seamless pre- and post-service experience. Learn how you can increase cash, convenience, and patient loyalty by implementing an integrated, virtual patient access solution that goes beyond a virtual waiting room or mobile check-in. And NOT only  because COVID-19 is forcing your hand, but because it’s time for healthcare to embrace virtual transformation and give their customers the convenience they demand.



12:45pm - 1:45pm ET

The Role of an RN in Patient Access

Presented by Jessica Budri, Connecticut Children's


This presentation will review the contribution and success of implementing an RN within a Central Financial Clearance Department. RNs handle clinical questions, STAT authorization requests, letters of medical necessity, appeals, and/or peer-to-peers with medical directors at insurance companies. There is proven success that saving physicians time away from the bedside, results in an average of 96% success rate at overturning denials, and stronger communication with outpatient clinical areas. Learn how Connecticut Children's recently received CFO approval to implement a similar position in their Central Billing Office.

Audience Experience Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner



2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET


Changing the Tone of Patient Access at Floyd Health

Presented by Yolanda Miller, Floyd Health

Co-presenter: Aljeana Howard, Strategic Account Development Executive, Vyne

Floyd Health will share its innovative strategy to ensure the quality of patient encounters in registration. Representatives are scored in 7 key areas, and monthly scores aggregate into annual reviews. Over an 18-month period, Patient Access improved its quality metric from 70 percent scoring a C or below, to 90 percent scoring an A. The team achieved this while exceeding collections goals. This session will review outcomes in patient experience, staff support, compliance, and more.

Audience Experience Level : Intermediate



Wednesday, September 23

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10:00am - 11:00am ET


Build a Bridge Between Hospital and Ambulatory Access and Revenue

Presented by Cindy Hagenow, Mercy

Co-presenter: Brandi McGinnis, Mercy


In an Epic environment, Mercy quickly learned that there needed to be some type of centralized group of individuals who served as the experts in insurance and registration to cross the bridge between hospital and ambulatory registrations and revenue. Mercy formed a team that manages not only many of the patient access errors that occur but also things like guarantor merges, privacy violations, and payer plan builds. The end result is a team of experts who work to ensure clean claims are generated because they are looking at any one registration/account from top to bottom and identifying any discrepancies in the patient's registration that could negatively impact revenue for either hospital or professional billing. Doing this allows for improved tracking and trending and identifying where technology can help us improve overall process.

Audience Experience Level: Intermediate



11:15am - 12:15pm ET

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5 Strategies for Creating the Ultimate Digital Patient Journey

Presented by Jason Kressel, Chief Operating Officer, Experian Health

Co-presenter: Liz Serie, Director, Product Management, Experian Health

In this session, we will delve into the changing landscape of the digital patient experience in the wake of Covid-19 and what real-world solutions are available today to solve for these new challenges. Never before has patient access been met with such a radical need to adapt. If your organization is looking for ways to create a better, more robust, digital experience for your patients across the care continuum, Experian Health can help.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the new health consumer wants to access care.
  • Explore the 5 key strategies for improving the digital experience.
  • Learn what solutions exist today to meet your needs and the needs of your patients.


12:45pm - 1:45pm ET


Leading From Within: How to Leverage Reflective Practice to Boost Your Leadership Skills

Presented by Elizabeth Nix, Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Research shows that self-reflection is a critical component of effective leadership, yet many leaders do not dedicate time to this important practice. Reflection does not have to be time-consuming or labor-intensive and even small reflective sessions can have big results. After all, how can you change your team or your organization if you can't change yourself?

Audience Experience Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner



2:00pm - 3:00pm

Innovative Approach to Leadership Operating Systems

Presented by Amy Trogdon, INTEGRIS Health

Co-presenter: Jenny Valcarce, INTEGRIS Health


This session introduces an innovated approach to daily communication from front line staff to executive levels using the iLOS or Leadership Operating System all in under an hour. The iLOS has six systems: Strategy Deployment, Visualization, Daily Improvement, Loop Closure, Problem Solving and Best Practice Sharing. Areas of focus will be placed on Huddle Boards, Standard Work, Standard Calendars and Worksite Reviews.

Audience Experience Level: Advanced



3:30pm - 5:00pm ET

Networking Roundtable Happy Hour


Join your peers in the Patient Access industry to discuss key industry topics, exchange thoughts and ideas, and connect virtually during this exclusive networking roundtable opportunity. When completing registration, please be sure to indicate which topic you're most interested in discussing in a small group setting:

  • Professional Development for Associates
  • Crisis Management    
  • Employee Resiliency
  • Remote Employee Engagement
  • Change Management

*This event is open to NAHAM Online Experience attendees only.

Wednesday, September 30

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10:00 am - 11:00 am ET


Industry Update: What's New with CMS?

Presented by Michelle Fox, Health First

Co-presenter: Stan Nachimson, Nachimson Advisors


The session will cover what's new with CMS as it relates to the Revenue Cycle Industry and, in particular, to Patient Access Services. Updates on current requirements, as well as what new requirements are coming in the future, will be discussed. The information shared in this session will enable Patient Access professionals to be knowledgeable of CMS requirements so they can be prepared and ready for successful compliance within their organizations.

Audience Experience Level: Intermediate



11:15am - 12:15pm ET


Intentions of A Leader: Embracing a Remote Workforce

Presented by  Janelle Stout, Banner Health

Co-presenter: Ian Jensen, Banner Health


Leaders can learn to embrace employees as coworkers. Through understanding the concepts and benefits of an Intent Based Leadership model, (As created by David Marquet.) This process of empowering people helps create a climate where both leaders and coworkers can succeed. A reexamination of how we lead and the beliefs that we have concerning our roles, can open new possibilities. One of these new opportunities is a remote workforce. Join Michael and Janelle as they present the process, benefits and challenges surrounding sending teams to work from home. 

Audience Experience Level: Intermediate



12:45pm - 1:45 pm ET


Sponsored Education:


Provide Price Transparency that Patients Want and the Government Requires - is Your Hospital Ready to Deliver a Virtual Patient Experience?

Presented by Paul Shorrosh, Founder & CEO, AccuReg


Between the global COVID-19 pandemic, looming price transparency compliance deadlines and consumer demands for visibility into the cost of their care, the way patients engage with their healthcare is changing. And hospitals need to change, FAST.

To protect and grow revenue, it is critical that hospitals respond to the dramatic shift in online consumer behaviors to retain and attract new patients by providing a virtual patient experience. Despite looming price transparency compliance deadlines, giving patients access to accurate estimates of out-of-pocket costs is the right thing to do. And when hospitals deliver price transparency, it allows for a conversation about what patients owe, enabling increased cash collections and decreased costs.



1.       Prioritize price transparency regardless of compliance requirements to benefit both the patient and the hospital

2.       Develop a deployment plan for a digital patient access experience that enables patients to get accurate estimates of their out-of-pocket costs

3.       Implement best practices that provide a more positive patient experience that meets the demands of today’s digital-centric healthcare consumer

4.       Inventory the technology solutions available to hospitals to meet compliance requirements, satisfy patients and increase POS collections to get paid faster, at a lower cost



2:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET


Deep Dive into NAHAM Membership

Presented by NAHAM Membership Committee


Join the NAHAM Membership Committee as they give you tips and tricks on getting the most of your NAHAM Membership. This session is ideal for all NAHAM Members, regardless of how long you've been part of the association! Don't miss out on your opportunity to learn more about all resources NAHAM membership provides for Patient Access professionals.

Audience Experience Level: Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner


3:30pm - 5:00pm ET

NAHAM Member Happy Hour


Join the NAHAM Membership Committee for a virtual networking happy hour as we bring the NAHAM Online Experience to a close. Come celebrate the conclusion of a month full of digital learning, get to know the Membership Committee, and make connections with NAHAM members across the country! We hope to see you there!

*This event is open to NAHAM Online Experience attendees only.


Registration is closed! 





















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