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Sample Press Release

During National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, you will be trying to obtain as much publicity as possible concerning your department's special activities. One of the best ways to get coverage from the local media is to send them a news release. It is important that you follow specific guidelines for your news release to ensure that it receives the attention it deserves. Please refer to the sample news release that appears below. It will give you a better idea of the layout and content of a news release.

The following are some important tips on how to organize your news release so that it follows all of the media' s editorial guidelines. The first paragraph should discuss the who, what, when, where, why and the how of your event. The remainder of the release should elaborate on the basic facts starting with the most important and ending with the least important information. This writing style is referred to as the 'inverted pyramid' style.Be sure to deal only with the facts about your event - not with personal opinions.Always mail news releases via first class mail.Be sure that your spelling and grammar are perfect. It is a good idea to have a second person proofread it for you.

If your hospital has a Community Relations Department, you should consult with them about the content and distribution of your release.It is important that you obtain approval of your news release from the appropriate administration official before it is sent. This will ensure that all of the information in your release is accurate and approved before it becomes public knowledge.

Once again, your Marketing/Community Relations Department can be a valuable source for information on planning an event and obtaining the necessary media coverage. Be sure to take advantage of their skills when you start preparing for National Healthcare Access Personnel Week. Sample News Release   (Type in double-space format and use hospital letterhead. This sample is only meant as a guide. Feel free to adapt it to fit your own specific need).

DATE: _______________ CONTACT: _______________



_______________________Hospital will join over ___________hospitals across the country in observing National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, April 5-11, 2015. ___________________Hospital' s special activities will recognize the contributions of the Access Staff and their role as goodwill ambassadors for the hospital. ________________Hospital will kick off the week with a Teddy Bear and Doll Clinic on April _____. This event, co-sponsored with the Emergency Department, provides an opportunity for children to become more comfortable with the idea of visiting the hospital.  _____________________, Chief Administrator of ___________________ commented, 'All of us at ____________________, Hospital are proud of the efforts put forth by our Access Department Staff. They are an important part of our hospital because of their ability to treat our patients in a caring and efficient manner during the access process.' Access Manager, _____________________, noted, 'I' m proud of the high quality of support by the members of the Access Staff. We' re excited about the activities being planned for this special week. We hope to make the community more aware of the vital services our hospital provides.'

National Healthcare Access Personnel Week was first observed in 1982 and is now recognized each year by special messages from many governors and city officials across the country. In proclaiming National Healthcare Access Personnel Week in ____________________(City), __________________ __________________(governor or mayor) stated that 'those who serve in hospitals, especially in the area of admissions, have a major responsibility to the welfare of this community. It is most appropriate to set aside a special time to recognize the contributions of hospital access personnel.' The annual celebration of National Healthcare Access Personnel Week is sponsored by the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM).  

# # # Note: You may want to add a page that lists the various events your department will sponsor as part of National Healthcare Access Personnel Week.


This news release should be sent out two weeks before National Healthcare Access Personnel Week. In order to meet this deadline, you should allow extra time ahead to obtain the necessary approvals before the release is distributed to the media.

Preparation date:   First week in March

Distribution for approval:   Second week in March

Editing final draft:   Third week in March

Delivery to media:   End of March

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