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Access Week


Save the Date for Access Week 2016!
April 3 - 9, 2016 

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Patient Access drives healthcare! We provide quality care in patient registration and all of its support processes to patients, providers, and payors throughout a patient's healthcare experience. Not only do we represent the first impression, becoming the face for the entire facility, but we also serve as the key component in putting every healthcare visit in motion. It all starts and ends with patient access management and we truly do pave the road to success for our patients and our facilities!          

Established in 1982, National Healthcare Access Personnel Week is a week-long celebration of the people in the patient access profession. The date marks the anniversary of the National Association of Healthcare Access Management, the only national professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence within the field. The celebrations span the entire week surrounding the anniversary, April 5.

Join us in recognizing healthcare access professionals for their continued accomplishments of service in the healthcare access continuum by celebrating National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, April 3 - 9, 2016.

Why Participate in National Healthcare Access Personnel Week? 

By supporting National Healthcare Access Personnel Week, you are showing your access team that you appreciate their hard work and encourage their efforts as goodwill ambassadors for the entire hospital. A recognition program implemented during this special week is an excellent means of enhancing guest relations, increasing hospital morale, and improving communications. The possibilities are endless and different variations abound on the central theme of hospital (as well as patient and community) awareness. No matter how you celebrate, one thing seems certain - no other hospital department has a vehicle like this to generate interest and recognition. It behooves us to use this to our advantage, letting everyone know how good we are and how important our job is in helping the hospital run smoothly.

How Can We Celebrate National Healthcare Access Personnel Week?
There are numerous opportunities for you to gain recognition for your department. If your hospital has a newsletter, a feature article on the access department can appear that week (Sample Newsletter Article). Local newspapers often have sections highlighting various community events and can serve to help draw attention to the event. Displays describing the work, growth, and/or evolution of the department or spotlighting on the access department's employees can be set up in a central, heavily traveled part of the hospital.

How Can NAHAM help?
The National Association of Healthcare Access Management has created a complimentary toolkit to assist you with planning a recognition program complete with free puzzles and games for you to engage your staff. We provide numerous suggestions for events and contests you can implement and offer a list of audiences you should remember during your celebration. You can also purchase a variety of specially designed products for use throughout the week and entire year as recognition gifts and reminders of your department's important contributions to the operation of the hospital.  Our online store with Access Week promotional products is available here.

We encourage you to share this information with members of your staff so everyone can be an active participant in the planning and implementation process. Remember, this information is meant only as a guide for your promotional activities, so feel free to add your own ideas to develop the perfect week for your staff.

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