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Registration/FTE Calculator
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Click here to access the Registration/FTE Calculator.

Please note: you must be logged in as a NAHAM member to acccess this tool.

The Registration/FTE Calculator is an exclusive online tool for NAHAM members only, designed to help Access Managers prepare budgets, determine appropriate staffing, respond to workforce cutback recommendations, and advise senior management on future staffing needs, based on NAHAM-reviewed standards. You will also be able to compare your registration times and FTE requirements to peers. This calculator is the first in a series of members-only tools designed around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assist NAHAM members is performing their jobs in a more efficient and collaborative manner.

It is important to note that we are requesting our members’ feedback throughout this process. To that end, please note the submission form at the bottom of this page. We are very interested in your feedback regarding this tool.

Overview and Instructions:

This tool will help you determine and document staffing requirements for both Pre-registration and Registration. It groups numerous Patient Access tasks and processes into 20 distinct "components” and helps you determine the time required to perform each component. Based on your inputs, the tool calculates the total time expected to complete a registration, as well as the FTE's and cost required to perform them. It is helpful to have one specific registration location in mind when you approach the tool, remembering it is designed to calculate one registration location at a time. You may use the calculator as often as you like for each of your registration locations. You are welcome to use the tool to evaluate or test out different component combinations and times without submitting for peer comparison.

To begin, start with a specific location in mind (for example; Pre-registration, Emergency, Outpatient Surgery, Central Registration, etc.), and follow the steps below:

1. Login to and the click here to access calculator. This is a members-only benefit so you must be logged in to access the tool.

2. Review the registration component list to identify the tasks you require at the registration location you are evaluating. Hover over the component name to view more details about each component.

3. Choose which registration components are required at that location by clicking the "Selected” box.

4. Select the average time (in minutes and fractions of a minute) to complete each component, using the good/better/best time choices (note these are editable to allow you to enter from your own time-studies).

5. Note the "Total Time Expected” is calculated automatically at the bottom of the component list.

6. Scroll down to the FTE Calculator and enter 5 assumptions in the blue highlighted fields (Shifts, Break time, Productivity Ratio, Annual Volume and Average Salary). The Shift field defaults to an 8-hour shift, however you can enter 1.25 for a 10-hour shift or 1.5 for a 12-hour shift. Note that Average Reg Time is automatically entered for you, and will dynamically change if you adjust your component and time choices.

7. Note that the FTE Calculator's fields in orange are automatically calculated, including the FTE's Required and Estimated Labor Cost.

8. To compare your time and FTE results to peers, click on the "Compare to Peers” button. You'll be asked to certify that the results you are about to submit are true for a location you currently manage. Please do not submit if you are projecting future-state scenarios. Feel free to play with the tool as much as you see fit, but only submit for true, current data. This is an essential part of NAHAM's KPI process.

After clicking the "Certify” button you will be asked demographics questions that allow meaningful peer grouping (by geographic location, patient type, payer type, facility size and ADT/HIS system). Note that early users may not find a statistically significant volume of data to compare to within the first 90 days of this project. All results will be added to a running poll which improve peer comparison data over time and assist NAHAM in continuing to identify best practices and develop industry standards for Patient Access.



We hope you find this tool practical, useful and easy to use. And, we want your feedback and suggestions for improvement!

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